Todays’ blog is inspired by Matthew 24 & 25.
The Bible talks about the end of time, and its beautiful part of enjoying everlasting life with Jesus Christ, but it also clearly talks about the scary part (eternal inferno).

Let’s face it, with the way the world is going today, the end of time is approaching. Many people are dying, and the world is more perverted than ever. The other sign that the end of time is close is the fact that you are reading this blog now. The word of God is preached everywhere at every time, you don’t have an excuse!
Matthew 24:14 says: And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come. (NLT)

Matthew 24:37-39 gives us a great illustration of Noah’s story. For those who don’t know who is Noah read: Genesis 6,7 and 8. Only Noah and his family survived a flood that wiped the entire earth. So, Noah knew that there was going to be a flood, and everyone else thought he was stupid, building an ark when there was no rain. Everyone else was busy working, drinking, eating, basically living their best lives. But until the day Noah entered the ark, and the flood started, everyone else was living the “same old”, “same old” daily routine.

It was too late!

The aim of this blog is not to scare you but to wake you up because you can lose your life in a matter of seconds. I talk to a lot of people during evangelism, and they say they find happiness in their relationships, work, finances, success and more.

But the question today is:

Would you shift your focus if there was hope for you on the other side? Would you spend 40 mins on Netflix if you only had 60 mins left to surrender your life to Christ?

Jesus won’t ask you why everyone else didn’t believe in God or followed His instructions; Jesus will as you: why didn’t YOU?

What are you afraid to give to God? It’s time to stop hiding in this busy world; today could be the beginning of a great journey with Jesus here on earth and in Heaven.

Just say YES TO JESUS!

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