Is the Gospel private?

Is the Gospel private?

Have we made the gospel private?
Have we kept to ourselves the most exciting news in the entire world?

Somewhat yes!

Jesus clearly mentioned in John 14:12-13 that we need to continue his work. Unfortunately, we keep the Gospel private because it is easier this way. Christians have many ways to reflect Jesus daily, for instance, through our lifestyle or our words. However, it is time to step up the game. Imagine if we had 100 Christians evangelising to at least one person a day then will be growing the army of God and refusing to be consumed by this world.

The word of God says ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ Matthew 22:39

If you love your coworker or flatmate, pray for him/her when they are sick because it is important to leave memories of Jesus in other people’s lives so Jesus can use those seeds for his glory. We are so afraid about what reactions we will get from people, but it is because we are making the gospel about ourselves.

Matthew 10:20 says ‘for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.’

Wait a minute! There is nothing written in this verse about my personality? What about my fears? And my pride?

Jesus Christ wants us to remember that it is not and has never been about us because when we make it about us, we always fail. But when we let the Holy Spirit take control, we thrive.

When I decided to start praying for strangers on the street, my mind and everything in me was telling me that I am setting myself for a huge failure, and I said NO! God will use these prayers for his own glory. I have been both rejected, and people have also been blessed; At the end of the day, Jesus wants to use me to let people know that he loves them no matter what they believe or where they are in life. Jesus already took everything on the cross for us.

Be a blessing today; Jesus is love and changes everything.

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