What is my purpose?

What is my purpose?

Many ask the question: why was I born? What is my life purpose?

One thing I know is that your life purpose is not reaching that career goal or buying that Lamborghini (I love me a Lambo) or even marrying that woman/man.

Let me ask you another question: What have you built your life on?

How does your week look like? Work – family – friends – Netflix – Church – Repeat?
I don’t have Netflix, but it is close! Now for me, I do have reading the Bible and praying included; I hope you do too otherwise that would be such an empty life to live because if you build your life on temporary things, you will also be empty inside. It will always be you trying to reach that next step every day, and all you will be left with every time is an empty soul!

Now you wonder, I have no idea what could be my purpose; great because only God knows, and He will guide you if you give him the time to do so. Mark 3:35 says: Anyone who does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother. This should be the reason you live and do everything you do, to accomplish the will of God; because only then you will be able to walk in God’s anointing and be fulfilled.

You are a messenger!

Living for God is reflecting God’s will everywhere, but you cannot know God’s will for the season of your life if you don’t spend time with Jesus! The old English defines an apostle as a messenger, and Jesus had many followers, yet He chose only 12 messengers to whom he gave authority over the physical and spiritual world (Mark 3:13-16). 

Are you using the authority given to you by Jesus to any extent? Or are you allowing stress, lust, loneliness or distraction tie you up and rob you all your joy? Well, the good news is that there is a way to eternal joy, which is only through Jesus.

The authority was given to us for a purpose, because there is an enemy trying to kill, steal and destroy all the promises that the Lord has over our lives; and that could simply mean distracting you enough not to read the Bible; thus you will never know God’s will for your life! This way, you will be living a life completely out of the will of God.

It is fascinating to see how Jesus explains the Power we have in Mark 3; first read Mark 3:35 and then read Mark 3:24- 26. Usually you go the other way around, but you see here that Jesus says anyone who does God’s will is heir to God’s kingdom. And besides the kingdom of God, there is the kingdom of darkness and satan will never fight against himself instead his job is trying to divide the family of God by creating feuds so that we will fall apart! 

The good news is that when we choose to do the will of God, the ONE who is stronger has the POWER to tie satan up and plunder his house and plans. The Power in you through Jesus Christ (Mark 3:15) is there to make you victorious and live a life to glorify God.

Why do we need this authority? Because we are at war! 

Whatever you prioritise above God will be your God. 

Don’t lose focus in 2021 instead fix your eyes on God and trust Him (Isaiah 26:3).

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