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Let’s not limit God

Matthew 7:7 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Sometimes we limit God’s power simply because we never ask him the desires of our hearts. However, we might not always get the answers to our prayers right away; we might have to continue seeking God.

Seeking means having the desire to obtain or achieve something. Desiring something is having a more profound feeling to do something. When we go evangelise, we have the desire to be used by God as vessels to bless many lives.

There are always more sides to every story. Today, my friend Rianne and I went to the city centre to talk to people about Jesus, and we asked God to send us to someone that really needed Him. The first two people we spoke to weren’t enthusiastic about Jesus, yet we praised God that we were able to share the truth with them. Then we decided to take a coffee break.

In the meantime, as we were enjoying our coffee, there was a man of God who went to a park to pray for many life challenges he is facing. He asked God for something particular; he said: “God, send an angel to come and sit with me on the bench as I pray.

Now, after the coffee break, we decided to keep seeking God. We went to the same park because it had been on Rianne’s heart for the entire morning, but somehow we didn’t start there. We saw this man and the first thing we said to him was “Can we sit with you on this bench?

Although we are not close to the angels he was asking for, God chose to use us because we were available. We wouldn’t have been able to pray with this man if we weren’t seeking God in the first place. God wants to use all of us only if we make ourselves available to be used by Him in any way.

Message from Rianne Verhulst:
What happened today just shows that it can’t be possible that there is no God.
We have all been in a place where we didn’t believe in God, and somehow, Jesus showed us the steps to salvation. Only by seeking God, we can feed our hunger for the power of God. As Matthew 7:7 says when you seek, you shall find, not gold but Jesus Christ. And all you have to do with this grace that you have received for free is to SHARE. Someone needs you to tell him about Jesus today just like once in your life you needed Jesus(even when you didn’t know you needed him).

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