What’s clouding your faith? (Part 1)

What’s clouding your faith? (Part 1)

On Saturday 27th of June 2020, my friend Rianne and I spontaneously decided to evangelise in the city. We had great conversations, but all of them didn’t believe because of “something” that happened or didn’t happen in their lives.

The first lady we spoke to believes in humanity and not in God because she was from Iran and had seen a lot of atrocities. Her pain is real, but that same pain is clouding her vision to see God for who He really is. When you think about it, she chose to believe in the same humanity that caused her pain than God who died on the cross for her. We told her that we hoped that she could put her trust in Jesus because only Him can’t disappoint us, because He is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Then we walked towards the first park, and two guys were seated alone on different benches. I asked my friend which one should we speak to because we always seek the Holy Spirit’s directions along the way. She directed me to the second guy, and I made a joke that I would have been distracted if we talked to the first guy because I am fond of redheads (which is slightly true!).

God led us to the second guy called Daniel, and we had a fantastic talk. However, Daniel didn’t believe in Jesus because he felt like God was more connected to his parents than to him. Sometimes, other people’s walk with God clouds our relationship with the one true God. We had the opportunity to pray with Daniel for God’s revelation as he was struggling to find out who was the true God.

The reason I use the word “clouding” or “something becoming less clear” is because both individuals said that they believed in “a god” but didn’t know or want to get closer to Jesus because something was keeping them from seeing who Jesus really is.

It is easier to believe in a distant God because once we get closer, He becomes real; and many of us are scared of that reality! Yet we have nothing to be afraid of because Jesus is love. Getting closer to Jesus is the best thing that ever happened in my life.

My prayer

I pray today for Christians to start sharing the good news because the world is hungry for the truth.

I also pray that you set apart your reasons for not believing and ask the hard question: “Show me your way Jesus, if you are who you say you are.” 

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