Stability Illusion!

Stability Illusion!

This blog is overdue!!!

About a month ago, I got a revelation as I was coming from work, biking! Yes, I bike to work (sometimes), as much as I dislike crossing the bridge from Arnhem Zuid to the city, I still have to do it. For Dutch people or sport passionates, crossing this famous Arnhem bridge is an easy task BUT NOT FOR ME!

This time I was pushing my bike on the bridge and I was pretending to enjoy the view which I was, but I just needed a break before getting back on my way.

As I stood on the bridge, I realised that it was very shaky. I felt every car movements, and I realised that I was only able to experience the instability of the bridge because I wasn’t using it for it’s intended purpose. The bridge was built for people to walk, bike or drive to cross on the other side but not to stand still.

And, I started thinking: what is the real life stability? Is it my family? A great group of friends? A job? A professional partner? A love relationship? The reality is, these are not stable enough to be the anchor of my life or yours. For instance, family disappoint, friends can be seasonal, jobs can end, and relationships can dissolve! It is just a fact! It is all an illusion of stability; life is not as stable as you think it is!


Jesus wants you to have all these things, but He doesn’t want you to make it the only purpose of your life. When you walk with God and move towards your God-given purpose that is bringing glory to God in everything you do; then the bridge will still be unstable but BECAUSE OF GOD, you will be able to cross on the other side and walk into the next season of your life in peace.

God’s peace doesn’t take away the instability of life, especially during these challenging times, but it takes away your focus from fear and brings hope instead. Your true inheritance is not in worldly things but is in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Joshua 13:33 says But to the tribe of Levi, Moses had given no inheritance; the Lord, the God of Israel, is their inheritance, as he promised them.

Is God enough for you? If He is not, nothing else will ever be!

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